A more efficient process to identify the best locations for tourism development

April 12, 2023

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An extensive study undertaken by the VisScope Team has enabled us to identify the factors influencing the location decision for tourism investment. This insight has been used to objectively analyse each sub-region within the Great Ocean Road Tourism Region.

The factors include:

- proximity to a major population centre, in this case Melbourne, to conference facilities, retail and visitor attractions;

- accommodation occupancy rates; and

- visitor and resident spend by category.

The Great Ocean Road region has many factors that make it a desirable tourism destination, but our analysis shows that Torquay has the most locations with high development desirability, followed by Lorne-Anglesea.

Although the desirability of Torquay is high, there is a price for its desirability. When accounting for land prices, Lorne-Anglesea has the highest desirability relative to land value.

The VisScope Team then applied sophisticated modelling to produce its Tourism Location Desirability Index tm.

The TLDI has rated the tourism development potential and desirability of over 100 individual locations within the Great Ocean Road.

As demonstrated above, VisScope’s proprietary analysis can objectively identify high potential regions and specific lots for development within the region. The assessment criteria can also be tailored to reflect the type of development and factors important to you.

In the past, the process to research these development opportunities has been slow and costly, including gathering regional data from numerous sources and even having people on the ground in regional areas for extended periods of time.

VisScope merges traditional and new datasets, reduces your time to collate the data you need and helps you find your next development opportunity.

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If you want more specific information on desirability and potential locations for your next development, please contact nem Australasia partners Mark Dalton at mdalton@nem.net.au or Mark Griffiths at mgriffiths@nem.net.au,or email VisScope at info@visscope.com.

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